Personal Training Services


The Lively Athletic Centre trainers are some of the best available, they are all certified and ready to guide you on your fitness journey. Our process matches you with a trainer that you are comfortable with and is able to match your schedule. Each personal training session will last 30-60 minutes, and will include a warm-up component, strength/cardiovascular/conditioning component and will finish with a cool down/stretch period. Programs will be tailored by your personal trainer to match your goals. 

One on One SessionS

Single One Hour Session $65/session

Single Half Hour Session $35/session

Program Training

10 One Hour Sessions $600/program

10 Half Hour Sessions $300/program

20 One Hour Sessions $1100/program

20 Half Hour Sessions $500/program

Group Training

Group training is designed for 2 to 4 people, prices indicated reflect a per person per training session rate. 

Single One Hour Session $40/person

Single Half Hour Session $20/person

Monthly Training

Monthly training is a fixed rate for 8 personal training sessions per month. The minimum commitment required is 3 months.

8 One Hour Sessions $450/month

8 Half Hour Sessions $250/month